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What Equipment Will I Need for Knitting?

What Equipment Will I Need for Knitting?If you want to start knitting, you may think you'll need lots of fancy equipment but this is not true. All you really need to start is a ball of yarn and some knitting needles!

The more experienced you become the more types of yarns and sizes of needle you can collect. However, to start with, this article will give you a little information on the types of equipment needed to enjoy knitting.

Consider your knitting project first -Is it an item, toy or garment? The size of yarn and needle will determine the size and tension of the knitting you produce. This is why most beginners start with pattern and follow the suggested needle and yarn recommendations. For beginners it is best to start with double knitting yarn and needle at around a size 9. These are easy to hold and knit and it is fairly easy to see.

The Stiches
All knitting is based upon two basic stitches, plain and purl. Once you know how to do these, and know how to cast on and off, you can knit absolutely anything! Really, you can knit anything at all. Just follow the pattern and before your eyes you will create something wonderful. Knitted toys are especially good for beginners because they are simple and quick to make and you get a result without too much complicated knitting.

You will need the yarns to knit with, and also a darning needle to join your work together. For garments you may need buttons, hook and eye fasteners or other fasteners. You will also need thread and may need fabric for lining, depending upon what the garment is. For toys you will need stuffing and oddments of fabric and yarn to decorate and cloth the toys and add faces and expressions to them.

Knitting Needles
Knitting needles can be made from a wide variety of materials, however most commonly they are made of plastic, or aluminium. You can get wooden knitting needles for certain projects too. A good supplier will recommend which needles are best for your individual project.

The wonderful thing about knitting is that it is universal. It does not matter what age, gender or ability you have. It is possible to give it a try and enjoy a craft that is fairly inexpensive and definitely much easier than people think.

Do you want to know how to knit? Ask someone who knits to show you. It's one of the most lovely things bout knitting - it is a precious pastime that is passed down through the generations from family to family. If you are a keen knitter, why not teach your children or grandchildren how to knit. Let's keep it alive for many generations to come.

How many of us have old knitting needles and odd balls of yarn in the attic or in the bottom of a cupboard? Get them out and get knitting! You never know, it could be the start of a loved lifetime hobby or even a cottage industry!

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