Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Variety Of Candle Making Wax

The need for candle making wax, today, is not limited to just the candle manufacturers. It is now in demand even more as a lot of people have now learned and a lot more are learning the craft of making candles at home. It is really an art in itself, the way to make candles, and is widely being learned by people of like decorating their homes and this helps them adding an extra bit to their decor. The only problem with buying decorative candles is that most don’t get the desired candles and this makes them decorate it further after buying the candles. The advantage of buying candle making wax to make candles at home is that it is not only a fun process but, more importantly, people can make their own shapes, sizes and designs of candles and make decorations of their own choices which would otherwise be limited.

Candle making is increasingly becoming a famous craft work for the common people especially amongst craft lovers and homemakers. It is considered to be a hobby by many. Previously the variety of wax and the ease of availability was a matter of concern for a lot but due to such growing popularity of candle making, the availability of good quality candle making wax has eased up and there is a variety from which one can choose from. It is no more a fuss to find materials for candle making in today’s times. There is a list of the types of waxes that are used for candle making but the most common type is paraffin wax which is made from petroleum. It is basically refined from the fuel and then used for the purpose of making candles. There are other waxes as well, amongst which some are made or refined from plants, vegetables or peels, and are therefore referred as natural waxes. Bayberry, palm and soy are included in the natural candle making wax category.

Soy candles are obtained by hydrogenating soya beans. It is considered eco-friendly as it is renewable and that is why the use of soy wax is greatly encouraged when it comes to candle making. The use of soy wax is widespread in America as soya beans are produced there as well as because soy waxes are of very good quality and make good candles. Palm wax is also popular for the purpose of candle making. The major contribution that was initially made due to use of palm wax is that it helped in the clearing of major poor plantations to grow palm trees for producing palm candle making wax but later an alarm was raised on the amount of danger it caused to the habitat of some local species and certain endangered species. Hence the use of palm wax is only encouraged when it is being produced from a source that is not jeopardizing the flora and fauna of habitat concerned.

The use of gel wax is gaining popularity since the recent past. The reason being it is transparent or translucent nature and the fact that it looks extravagant when a candle is being used in a jar. The decorations done with gel wax can add a little more to the visuals and thus the gel candle making wax is being widely used as well. Gel wax is of a rubbery nature although it is no different from normal wax when it burns and can be considered as competent as traditional wax when it comes to serving the real purpose of candle wax. It is available in different types of densities, three types of densities, and also in different fragrances that makes its use so popular.

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