Friday, May 24, 2013

How to Make Beautiful Wire Name Jewelry

How to make beautiful wire name jewelryA long time ago, I used to sell pictures at markets, fairs and festivals. It took me about an hour to build up my display stall, and quit often I met this guy, who we use to call "George Wire"

He came walking with in one hand a wooden board and frame (like a painters easel) in the other hand a fold up chair, and a rucksack on his back. It took him a few minutes to put up his board and he was ready to sell.

He made and sold name necklaces. His board was covered in black velvet, and on this he pinned these necklaces, names made of silver wire.

It looked pretty nice, and in no time there would be quit a lot of people standing in front of his board.

If someone wanted one of his necklaces, and the name they wanted was on his board, they could buy it right away. If the name was not there they could write it down and he would tell them "come back in an hour or so"

All day long George would sit on his chair making these name necklaces. He was good at it, they looked really nice, and he sold a lot.

At the end of the day I started packing up my gear, it took me at least an hour , and George was still sitting there, waiting for his last customers to pick up their ordered necklaces. Then he would stand up, pick up his gear and leave. It took him 2 minutes.

I envied George sometimes. He and his girlfriend traveled a lot, they went to France, Italy, Spain etc. everywhere selling their wire necklaces. They had a great life.

I saw him working a lot, I looked at how he did it, and I have been trying it a bit myself. It looked pretty easy, but I can assure you it is not. Everyone can bend a piece of wire into something resembling a name, but to make it look really nice, nice enough so people want to wear it, is something else.

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If you would want to give it a try, well, go ahead, buy some pliers, silver wire and start bending. Good luck to you.

The best thing to do would be to find someone like "George Wire" and let him teach you exactly how it is done.

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