Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jewelry Making - The Oldest Profession in the World

I think jewelry making is the oldest profession in the world. And what about the other "oldest profession in the world" I hear you say.

Consider this. When this lady had done her job, she got paid. I think she probably got paid with a nice necklace, made from some seashells or something like that. So somebody made that necklace, before this lady did her job. Thus jewelry making is an older profession!

Well, we better leave this question to the historians, and just look at jewellery making , a great hobby.

Lots of people, when thinking about jewelry, think about gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones, but people who make their own jewelry most of the time use inexpensive materials. It are the professionals who use the expensive stuff.

If you enjoy making your own jewellery, but you like to get some inspiration/help you could check out the site "Jewellery Making Online"

An on-line community of jewellery making enthusiasts, where you can get lots of inspiration and help with all kinds of jewellery making projects.

It's an English site, but they have members from all over the world. There are a good few professional jewellery designers, known and less known, who share their jewellery making secrets in clear, easy to follow videos.

Another aspect of this site is that you can buy all sorts of books and materials at very competitive prices.

You also can sell you finished products at the site, although I wonder if this works very well. I mean, all the members are making their own....

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