Monday, May 27, 2013

Build Your Own Wood Burning Pizza Oven

If you ever have been to Italy you might have enjoyed a pizza, that was prepared in a traditional wood burning oven. If you have, you know the difference with a pizza from a normal oven. If you have never tasted a pizza that was prepared this way, I can only advice you not to do so.

Why? Simply because, once you have tasted a pizza from a real wood burning oven, pizza will never taste the same.

So do not eat such a pizza, unless you have your own wood burning pizza oven. Like the one on this picture to the left.

If you want to have an oven like this in your garden you have a few options. You could buy a special kit, and build it yourself, or even have some company build your oven for you, but these are pretty expensive solutions.

If you are reasonably good with diy projects, there is an other solution. You could buy the building plans for this pizza oven and build it yourself. You do not have to be a master builder to build it, everything is pretty straightforward, and anyone who is not totally useless with diy projects should be able to build one of these wood burning pizza ovens.

The only problem could be that once your family/neighbors/friends see it, they want one as well,
and they might ask you to build one for them.

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