Tuesday, March 10, 2015

7 Tips For Making Scented Candles

Scented Candles
Making scented candles will most likely be a large part of your candle making work and a large percentage of your candle range if you are making candles to sell. Customers love the fragrance of scented candles and use them for all different occasions.

There is a huge range of candle fragrances available so it would be unlikely that a small home candle making business would even consider using all scents but would possibly choose eight to ten as their basic range fragrances.

Putting a candle range together to sell requires some prior planning. The candle fragrances and the candle colors need to be coordinated well for the best overall effect of a range that is going to be displayed together. To do this requires the fragrance to match the color of the candle. Decide which is the most important to you - the color of the candles you make or the fragrances that you want to offer. From there you can decide which fragrances to choose and what colors to use to match the fragrances that you have decided upon. For example you would not want to have a pink candle smelling of sandlewood. A sandlewood candle would be better in a cream or earthy tones whereas a pink candle would be more appealing in a rose or floral perfume.

If selling wholesale this selection is not quite so important because each color and fragrance range will stand alone rather than be seen as a whole and customers will choose what they want to promote. For more ideas on range co-ordination visit a candle shop and see how they put their ranges together on display.

7 Tips For Making Scented Candles:
  • Select each scent with care, keeping in mind your client base - ask yourself why your clients would buy that particular scented candle?

  • Use quality fragrances as they will throw a better scent - they do cost a little more initially but because less is used of the concentrated scents the end cost is similar

  • Check to see that the scent you plan to use suits the type of wax that you are planning to use

  • Add scents tentatively as you can always add more but you cannot remove it

  • Add candle scents just prior to pouring because this will eliminate too much of the fragrance being evaporated due to heat

  • Remove the melted wax from the heat before adding the scent

  • Mix through with a wire whisk as this mix the scent through evenly

These candle making tips should help you create great scented candles for your candle range in colors and fragrances that will be appealing to your clientele. Also keep in mind that on display, a candle range can show paraffin wax candles, beeswax candles and gel candles all in the one setting if they all have the same candle scent. Again it is a matter of how you want to put your candle range together.

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