Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Video Tutorials - Get the Best Out of Your IPad

Finally, I have chosen to step into the future and join everyone else! I have bought an IPad. Since the last time I really bought a device was my cell phone nearly eight years ago, I was kind of out of the loop when it came to this newer technology.

While I’d used a desktop computer before, this was startlingly different. The first time I turned my new IPad on; I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I was totally overwhelmed!

I went to the internet to try and find some clear instructions for how to use the basic functions. What I realized is that there is a plethora of available information – I was totally overwhelmed and most of the instructions I found were complicated or assumed that I had a basic working knowledge of the IPad. Most of them spoke of things like “Wifi” and using Email functions – all great features, I’m sure. Unfortunately when you aren’t even sure what to do once you turn the phone on, those instructions are difficult too! I really needed something that assumed I had never even seen an IPad before – something that would guide me from the very first step.

I came across in my efforts to figure out how to work my IPad. When I saw that they were video tutorials, I was excited! Maybe this time I would finally be able to really use my phone properly. I loved the way they laid out the IPad in their videos – just as if it was sitting directly in front of me. This made it incredibly easy to see exactly how to accomplish tasks. I was able to simply follow along with the narrator. I’m absolutely amazed at the abilities my IPad has! These IPad tutorials are just amazing. As it turns out, there’s a lot of tasks my IPad can accomplish that I wasn’t even aware of.

In the end, I am absolutely extremely pleased with’s group of IPad tutorial videos. I still refer to them from time to time, either to refresh my memory or figure out how to accomplish a brand new task. They are an amazing resource to have directly at your fingertips, and since I also use my IPad for work, sometimes a crucial requirement. In my opinion, these tutorial videos are a must have for anyone with a new IPad – whether they are new to the device or simply want to learn how to get the most out of it. Get them right now!!
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