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Italian Christmas decorations

Christmas is celebrated in one of the grandest ways in Italy of all the places in the world. Though most traditions and customs followed during Yule tide are similar to the ones in other parts of the world, certain traditions are unique and are only seen in Italy. How about decorating your home the Italian way this X Mas? Many would agree that it's a wonderful idea.

Italian Christmas Decorations

Though this item is commonly known by a different name in other parts of the world, it is the most widely used decoration item. Infact, it is a religious symbol and a lot more than just a decoration piece. The object we are talking of is basically the cribor Nativity. The central focus of the Nativity scene is Mary, Joseph and infant Jesus. Sometimes Wise Men and shepherds are also included in the scene. Besides figures, live scenes are also created in different parts of Italy. Even real animals are also included for live Nativity scenes. How about trying the same here in the U.S.!

Stars form an important component of Italian way of Christmas decoration. Though, it is quite popular in other parts of the world as well. These decoration items signify the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Magito the stable where Mary and Joseph took shelter with infant Jesus.

Though you may not find a Christmas Tree in all homes in Italy, a star is installed in every house. They can be decked on the Tree or suspended from the ceiling over the doorsteps or living room as a single decoration item, or even in groups. So make sure you buy different types of stars for decorating your house in Italian style.

Outdoor Lights
If one wants to see majestic outdoor lighting decoration there are not many places better than Italy to watch such a spectacular sight. For creating outdoor lighting similar to Italian Christmas decorations, one needs to get a lot of lights (preferably LED). You can install them on the edges of your house, on Christmas tree and other decoration items that you have put up in your courtyard. A garden theme can also be created with fir tree and deer, all designs created with lights.

Candlelit walks are quite common in Italy during the entire Christmas session to symbolize the leading the Magi (Wise Men)to infant Jesus. Therefore people decorate their pathways with luminaries. So, by decorating their homes in the similar fashion one can create Italian style Christmas decoration. 

Wooden Toys
This is also quite native to Italy, though one can also find similar traditions in Australia styled Christmas decorations, and also in some other parts of the world. Simple toys like rocking horse, carved men and wooden train are used for decorating homes. They also make for a great gift items for kids.

It is a tree shaped pyramid and a traditional decoration items used in Italy. If you don't stay here, you may find it difficult to get these items. Either one can make it at home or get from Italy if any of his/her friends stay there.

Give your home a different look this Christmas by decorating it in the Italian style

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Adam Simonds is a decoration expert for different festivals based in New York. He is an expert in Christmas decoration.

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