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A Quilting Challenge for 2015

A Quilting Challenge for 2015Joining a quilting challenge can be a fantastic way to hone your skills, gain new techniques and have fun with others who share your passion for quilting.

As with any challenge, the main goal is to encourage you to try new things and branch out from your normal routine.

With that being said, feel free to create your own challenge rules with your quilting group or follow a guideline similar to the ones listed below for month's worth of quilting challenges.

Use an Ugly Fabric

Have everyone in your group bring in one yard of ugly fabric. Trade among the members of the group, or exchange pieces Yankee-Swap style and then create a quilt centered around the ugly piece of fabric.

Incorporate Blocks

Choose from dozens of block patterns and challenge each member of your group to use one in a repeating fashion in their quilt.

Use Designer Fabrics

If your quilting group ever meets with fabric designers, plan this month accordingly so you can all have quilts made with the designer's fabric ready for his or her visit. Not only is it a fun way to use different fabrics, but it also makes great gifts for your guests.

Choose a Color

When the paint color of the year is announced, have each member of your group create a quilt featuring that color or one done in several hues of that color. These make perfect quilts for marking a year.

New Technique

Challenge each member of your quilt group to try a technique they haven't used before. This encourages everyone to learn a new skill and it's a good way to get ideas from others.

Old Projects

All quilters have some quilting project tucked away somewhere that was started but never finished. Challenge members to bring in those projects and finish them. Or swap projects and have someone else finish yours while you finish theirs.

Non-Quilt Challenge

Use your quilting skills to create anything other than a quilt. Think garments, bags or pillowcases. This is a great way to give your brain a break from a traditional quilt while still honing your stitching skills.

Inspired Image

Have every member of the group choose one inspirational image and craft a quilt based on the picture. The image could be incorporated into the final quilt or just used as a muse of sorts.


Have all your members bring in scraps from other projects. Lay them out and use your own scraps to create a quilt or trade to start with something new. This is a good challenge to announce at the start of the year so everyone can save their scraps!

There are plenty of fantastic ways to get your quilting group into a challenge, or you could just do different variations on the suggestions above with people you know. Embarking on a quilting challenge is not only fun but allows you to explore new techniques, start new projects and make the most of your scraps and unfinished quilts!

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