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Helpful Tips on How to Start Beading

Helpful Tips on How to Start BeadingDo you remember the popularity of love beads in the late 1960s and '70's? Everyone wore bead earrings, wrist and ankle bracelets, and naturally, many strands of long bead necklaces that swayed and rattled out their message of peace and love with each movement the wearer made.

Well, beads are back! If you're on the lookout for a pastime that brings out your creative flair, decreases stress and ends in fun creations that you can wear yourself, give to kin and buddies, or maybe to sell for extra cash, stringing beads is the hobby for you.

Not only is basic beading and polymer clay jewelry making simple and fun, but it doesn't cost much to get started. A wide variety of beading supplies are readily available at crafts and art supplies stores, bargain stores and specialty bead shops that carry both basic beads and the dearer beads that are frequently used by professional beaders. Many beading supply warehoused will mail free color catalogs to you, on request. A search for beading supplies on the web will give you many comprehensive resources for what you need to get started beading.

To get started on beading, you'll need a few basic tools and supplies.

Here's a check-list of what you will need :

Beads :
The lovely fancy beads, made from glass, wood, semi-precious gemstones, hand-painted and cloisonné are so terribly alluring for beaders at any talent level. However, mistakes made while using finer beads like handmade glass beads can be costly. Avoid needless costs by starting with straightforward plastic beads. They come in numerous different shapes, colors, sizes and styles. Kick off with plastic beads in some of your fave colors. Jewelry made from cheap pony beads are a great hit with youngsters and teens. Experimenting with your beads will teach you color coordination and how to apply the finishing touches. After you become more skilled, you will be able to work with those tantalizing fancy beads.

Clasps : 
Findings is a second name for jewelry clasps, clamps and closures, and can be acquired at most stores that sell beading supplies, both off and on the web. There's a wide variety from which to select, and beginners should commence with the cheaper findings. Most findings products have instructions on the package, however again, recommendations can be found in beading catalogues or mags sold online or in crafts stores.

Crimping Beads :
Crimping beads are made from flexible metal that are squeezed shut to help to keep clasps attached to jewelry. An critical item to beaded jewelry projects, crimping beads are silver or gold and are available in various sizes.

Tools : 
purchasing the proper tools for your beading is a must! At the most elementary, you'll need round-nosed pliers that may be used for crimping. If you can afford it, add smooth edged needle-nosed pliers, a bead crimper, light wire cutter, wire straighter and jewelers tweezers. These tools aren't needed, but they do make stringing beads simpler. Before making a purchase, choose the size and style of tools that best fit your hand, and ensure that your hands are tough enough to easily use the tools.

Beading Boards :
Beading boards make pre-selecting and measuring beads and working with multiple strands much easier. Most beading boards are made of plastic and are equipped with a device that measures in inches, millimeters, or both. Though any split plastic tray can be used, a beading board is highly recommended.

Stringing Materials :
These come in a selection of sizes and types. Beading strings are made from silk, nylon, leather rope and coated wire, solely to cite a couple. Fishing line ( mono-filaments ) is more cost effective than many other kinds of string, but beginners may need to use flexible wire. It is easier to use, and doesn't shrink, stretch or curl. Working with thread requires special large-eye or curved needles made for beading, and can be found in most stores that sell beading supplies.

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