Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stained Glass Windows Brighten Any Home

Stained Glass Windows Brighten Any Home
When creating a stained glass window the design may begin as a drawing, a painting, a photograph or any other kind of graphic artwork. The design needs to be simple and bold.

Once you are happy with the design you can start work on the stained glass window.

Nothing is better or creates character like a stained glass window, it is elegant and it adds sophistication to your home, the light that is produced is soft and is diffused into your home and creates a soothing atmosphere.

It's a good idea to make two copies of the pattern so that you can use one copy to cut the templates and the other copy to place on the work piece to see how it fits. You can cut some costs if someone can donate their old cutters to you, but even if you need to go out and purchase some stained glass cutters they are usually a pretty reasonable price.

Creating stained glass there are many techniques that can be used. When creating the classic stained glass window, there are many pieces of color glasses, you will need to cut each piece so they fit together, then you will need to take lead, brass or copper and use it as a buffer between the glass.

Rub the lead lines and get them well coated with the chemical on the cotton. Take an old rag and polish the lead lines very vigorously. To create an illusion of a lead line you need to do it on both sides of the glass.

Sometimes, a piece of stained glass will lose its original brightness and color that the lead lines once had. The blackness or copper of the patina will dull and you find that over time there will be a buildup of some type of corrosion and it usually appears around the edges of the lead. Most manufactures use lead as the bonding material because it is flexible to use and it last for a very long time.

Lead is used and stripped into predetermined shapes so that they can be fitted between then the pieces of glass.

As you get some experience under your belt you can acquire more tools and accessories as deemed necessary by you- the master craftsman. If you do your homework earlier on before diving in with both feet, you will find that some of the tools you use will continue to be used by you for many, many years to come. These tools help assist an individual in marking, cutting, smoothing, and soldering the glass. To make stained glass, you will first need to get the tools and materials ready.

Some people use stained glass making as a hobby and other times the hobby becomes a business. Stained glass windows are becoming very popular again and many people want these colorful windows in their home to brighten and bring good cheer. Many people bring the stained glass windows into their homes by purchasing lamp shades that are stained glass. One of the most popular stained glass lamps is Tiffany.

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