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Make Your Own Stained Glass Windows

Seeing a stained glass window is a mesmerizing experience. The stained glass takes light and refracts it. The glass changes colors and reflects the light like magnificent jewels.

The beauty of stained glass was at one time reserved for commercial construction. The high cost of hiring artist to produce the colorful and intricate windows was too expensive to incorporate in residential homes.

Stained glass windows that adorn churches are complex mosaics of bits of colored glass illustrating familiar bible stories or the picture of the life of Jesus or saints. The subtle or brilliant play on light made the church environment seem more special and sacred.

Stained glass in art class has become common for use in a myriad of home improvement projects. New homes are a showcase for stained glass with entry ways made alive with color and texture. Beveled glass and stained glass pictures depicting a variety of scenes from butterflies to sacred biblical themes adorn the doors and windows.

In the bath room stained glass filters harsh sunlight to create a tranquil and relaxing setting. In the dining area, your guest will be bathed with rich color. Stained glass is introduced to doors of kitchen cabinets.

Wherever there is glass, a stained glass enthusiast sees opportunity. The interest in stained glass objects exploded with the introduction of the Home Shopping Network. A whole new generation discovered the beauty of stained glass with tiffany-like lamps were introduced.

Louis Comfort Tiffany popularized the use of stained glass. His name Is always linked with the American glass movement.

The most beautiful use of stained glass is the Tiffany Lamps. HSN offered replicas of the Tiffany style lamp on its cable show. The overwhelming response to this lamp indicated that stained glass was again in vogue.

New technologies made the creation of stained glass objects more affordable to the masses. Individuals took classes at hobby and craft shops to learn the ancient art of glass. Some of these hobbyist became masters of the craft and applied the techniques to their own homes and other objects.

Many glass enthusiasts created stained glass objects as a source for creating secondary income. Stained glass items are sold at flea market, art and craft fairs. Creating stained glass objects can become a fun and rewarding home based business for creative individuals to showcase their artistic.

Some home based glass artist do restoration and repair of stained glass. These artist also create customized designs for their client's project.

The tools and materials to create stained glass objects is readily available.

The aesthetic quality of stained glass provides a ready market for unique items created from stained glass.

Whether the stained glass art is used on cabinets, furniture or a window, the affect is breath taking.

Stained glass patterns mimic and recreate scenes from nature, the spectrum of colors, object and textures appeal to a wide variety of people. Stained glass inspires home decorating.

There are few limits to the artistic expression using art glass.

The designs can be subtle or so dramatic that friends and family make audible sounds the first time they experience your masterpiece.

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There is nothing prettier than a stained glass window with the sun shining through it. It glitters, glows, and adds allure to any building. Of course, not many buildings have stained glass windows in them, because windows like these are extremely expensive. They take hours and hours of dedicated craftsmanship to build, and the labor-intense process they require tend to make them cost more than most people can afford to spend.

A lot of people are so enchanted by these lovely windows and other stained glass pieces, however, that it is becoming more popular for them to learn to make their own windows. You will find classes all over America where you can learn the necessary skills. To learn how to make stained class windows, click here

Then, all you'll need will be the requisite stained glass materials.

There are dozens of types of glass you can use in your creations in all different colors, textures, and designs. Actually, these decorative pieces of glass aren't as expensive as you might think. You can get 8 x 12" sheets in a whole spectrum of colors for between $5 and $10 per sheet.

Prior to starting your project, you'll need to decide what colors and designs you might like to have in it. You can buy modern glass, translucent glass, antique-looking glass, iridescent glass, and transparent glass, to name a few.

By browsing online you'll be able to see the vast array of glass you can choose from so that any project you attempt can look just perfect.

In addition to glass, you will need either lead or copper foil. These materials come as the solder which you will use to glue your window, lampshade, or other project together.

There are also a number of tools you can buy to make your job easier.

These include:

* Glass pliers
* Glass cutters
* Lead working tools: mallet, knife, straightener, shears, etc.
* Foil working tools: crimper, hand foiler, foil shears
* Safety equipment: safety goggles, gloves for handling broken glass, bandaids

Once you have your pattern and have assembled all the necessary stained glass materials, you'll be ready to get started on a stained glass creation to grace your home. Don't be surprised if before long you have friends asking you to make pieces for them, too.

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