Thursday, October 10, 2013

4 Easy Quilt Making Tips For Beginners - Don't Forget Them!

Is it your first time to try quilting? There are many do's and don'ts and elaborate guidelines and techniques which could be quite overwhelming for a beginner like you. Don't be confused though as it is part of the learning process. In due course, you'll figure out which quilting procedures suit you best. To get you started, read these five vital beginners quilting tips.

Educate Yourself About Fabrics

Since fabrics are one of the most vital things in quilting, it's crucial that you put fabric characteristics to work for your quilt even before you start assembling it. You need to learn more about certain rules which should be followed while cutting fabric patches for quilting. Taking good care of the fabric materials is very important.Choosing the correct fabric will make your quilting process easy.

Seam Allowances - Practice Makes Perfect

Beginner quilters usually tend to sew garments with 5/8 inch seam allowances and this may make it tough to visualize and sew quarter inch allowances used in making quilts. Learn the seam allowance tricks so you can do it correctly and quickly

Master Rotary Cutting

Beginner quilters should get accustomed with the master rotary cutting techniques. This might considerably reduce the time and effort that you spend on constructing templates and cutting fabrics. Quilting process will be much easier and simpler once you get better at this technique.

Don't Get Discouraged Over Mistakes

Being a beginner involves making mistakes and learning from these errors. Don't get dejected by the mistakes and errors which you make, it is a part of the training process. Analyze where you went wrong and move on. You'll see that your skills get to improve in every quilt making task.

Hopefully, with these beginners quilting tips, you will be more successful in your next quilting task. Just have fun, be patient and enjoy the art of quilting and good results will come naturally.

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