Monday, November 18, 2013

Crocheted Fun and Silly Hats

Crocheted fun and silly hats are a lot cheaper to make than anything you'll ever find at the store. Character hats, especially, are expensive if you want to buy them, and crocheting them yourself will help to save you loads of money. In addition, in many cases you can even use up leftover yarn from other projects to make these hats.

The beauty of crocheting your own fun and silly hats is that you can crochet them in all sizes allowing you to join in the fun of your children's activities. And what could be better than that? You children will never forget you for it, I promise.

Your imagination is the only limit as to what you can crochet for your children to wear. You can do animal hats, cartoon character hats, food hats, sports-themed hats and many others.

To get started, you basically start off with a regular beanie or earflap hat. Then crochet up the eyes, nose, ears and other details that you want to add and sew them onto the hat. The amount of details you want to add is up to you: you can crochet a 3D nose and eyes if you want, or do a few quick circles.

The ears are also simple to crochet. Depending on the animal you can leave them rounded or crochet them in a sharp triangle. Make them short and pointy or crochet them long and floppy - the possibilities are endless!

Adding all these details might be a bit time consuming, but I'm sure your efforts will not go unrewarded. It might take a few trials and errors before you get it the way you want it to look, but after you make your first one, the second one will be a lot easier as you can simply use the first as your base. Even if you plan to make an etirely different animal because the basic principle on how to make one will remain the same.

Crocheted character hats are perfect for dressing up during holidays, especially on Halloween. The hats can be worn by themselves or as part as a whole costume.

Children can also wear them during play time or just for fun. The hats are just as warm as regular hats, and thus can be worn on a daily basis. Be aware though if you send your children to school with them you might end up with requests to make some for your child's friends as well.

For a collection of free fun and silly hat patterns visit Crochet Pattern Bonanza at the following link: Fun, Silly and Character Hat Patterns.

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