Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Beading: Discover the Fun, Benefits and Beauty of this Popular Hand Craft

Beading, discover the fun, benefits and beauty of this popular hand craftBeaded items are very popular nowadays. In shopping malls, department stores or designers’ stores, we will not fail to find lots of beautiful beaded items for sale such as bags, purses, bracelets, necklaces, wall hangings, cushion covers, etc. A lot of people find beads not only attractive but irresistible.

Beads come in many different shapes, sizes, textures, colours and designs. Designers of accessories, jewellery, and interiors make use of the richness of their colours and the diversity of their shapes to create astounding pieces. Items made with beads are indeed captivating and useful. People use completed beading items such as bracelets and necklaces as accessories to enhance their appearance, while beading items like wall hangings, cushion covers, etc are used to decorate their homes. Fabrics with beads could help to add to the décor of homes.

Beads have been valued for centuries. Since early times, people have been acquainted with beads, primarily in the form of berries, seeds, stones and shells. Later, beads came to be manufactured from clay, glass, metal and crystals and, more recently, acrylics and plastics. People have been involved in beading for a very long time. They enjoy selecting beads and combining them to form an attractive piece of work.

It is a very popular form of craft work for both old and young. Some do it for work, others do it for hobby. People enjoy beading because they find it extremely rewarding. It offers them an opportunity to unleash their creativity and helps to enhance their lives. There are those who believe that beads can become an obsession. Some say that it could be addictive. Nonetheless, it is indeed satisfying to use beads to make beautiful masterpieces for yourself, for your home, or even as gifts for your friends.

The beauty of beadwork is its versatility. There is a wide range of beads you can choose from the market. An extensive range of beading supply is available. You can select the types, shapes, sizes, colors and textures of the beads to create the pattern you want.

Besides, there is a wide spectrum of beading techniques that can be applied to beads – wiring, threading, weaving, sticking and embroidering. You can choose to use the method you like. Beading techniques could be either thread-less or threaded. Although there are relatively few ways of uniting beads without thread, such as with glue or tile grout, however, there are hundreds of ways involving the use of thread. As each completed item would be a result of your own selection, creativity and skill, you will certainly derive great satisfaction from your work.

Beading is considered an economical craft work. You do not need a special workshop. You only require a table, good lighting, some beading equipment and selected beads. With these, you can design and make really exciting pieces of beaded items. You can even create a piece of jewelry that will become a family heirloom!

The basics of beading are easy to learn. There are many resources available with step-by-step beading instructions to enable a starter to learn doing beading projects. When you have learned the basic techniques, you can go ahead to create even more pieces using a multitude of your own ideas. This could be as simple as changing the colors on one of the beading patterns you have learned or using beads of a different size. You will be surprised at how much these small changes can alter the look of the original piece. The possibilities of creating new designs are endless. You can attempt to test your design after creating it. If you find that your idea doesn’t work, you can take it apart and try a new one. Beading is fun and interesting. Be adventurous, always experiment and you’ll enjoy it.

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