Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Balloon Twisting

I remember that, when our kids were small, I tried a few times to make animals with those long balloons you can twist in all kinds of shapes.

I managed a few times to make something resembling some kind of animal, but most of the time I twisted and twisted, till the balloon just exploded.

Now, with my grandchildren, I am going to try again, only this time I am going to succeed.

I have found a site that sells a video called "Balloon twisting with Sam" and this instructional video shows exactly how to make all kinds of beautiful balloon figures.

Lots of animals, like a dog, mouse, giraffe, squirrel, rabbit, elephant, parrot, swan, teddy bear, cat, dinosaur, monkey, horse, butterfly, fish, etc. and a lot of other figures as well, like an airplane, turban, boing boing flower, six petal flower, etc.

There are 40 balloon designs on this video, and they are all very clearly explained, from beginning to end, so with a little bit of practice I will soon be able to twist all these balloon figures.

My wife is telling me that, once I have mastered the art of balloon twisting, I should get myself a clowns costume, and get paid to twist balloons on kids parties, but I am not going to do this. Just twisting balloons for my grandkids is enough for me.

Interested in this video? Click here

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