Monday, June 10, 2013

Cake and Cookie Decorating

I am a cake lover, and I bake some form of cake at least once a week. My cakes taste good, but they do look pretty plain.

I just cannot be bothered to make something very good looking, I guess it is because my cakes get eaten by just one person, and that's me.

I guess if I was baking cakes for other people I would put in the effort to decorate it, to make it some form of art.

Because that is what cake decorating is, it is a form of art, and some people are really, really good at it.

Yummy Arts

Learn How to Make Terrific Looking, and Tasting, Cakes

At Yummy Arts you find some of the top cake decorating artist around, and they share their secrets with you. More than 100 videos showing you all the secrets you have to know in order to create your beautiful decorated cake, and every month more videos get added to this library of  "how to" videos.

Not just cakes, they show you cookie decorating, and lots of candy techniques as well.

There is a great forum at Yummy Arts, where members share their knowledge and experience.

Yummy Arts is a "members only site" meaning you have to become a member to have all the benefits of this site, but these benefits are worth your while.

What is available for the members:
  • 100+ "How to" videos you can watch whenever you want
  • Every month more videos are added
  • "Video tip of the week" full length video on cookie, candy or cake techniques
  • Loads of articles about cake, cookie and candy techniques
  • Photo gallery where you will find inspiration for your next cake adventure
  • Forum with loads of members, all dedicated cake addicts
  • Frequent discount coupons you can use at the Yummy Arts store
  • Members only contests and give-aways
  • Get all the info about new cake, cookie and candy products before anyone else.
  • Weekly Video Newsletter that will keep you up-to-date on the cake and cookie decorating and candy making world

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