Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to Paint Beautiful Fabrics

Born an the beautiful islands of The Bahamas, textile artist and fashion accessories designer Teri M. Bethel, has been captivated and inspired by the living art that surrounded her from early youth.

A former interior designer, Teri's love for colors, shapes and textures led her into the field of custom fabric painting. As a self taught artist, she later opened and operated Wearable Art, a company that specialized in manufacturing one of a kind hand painted clothing for women

Some years later, Teri embarked on a new journey creating custom handbags which features her artistery.

Now 20 plus years later and having created and painted thousands of original garments, fashion accessories and souvenirs, Teri shares her simple painting techniques and handbag making skills with people wanting to know how to paint fabrics with texture for fashion products.

Teri believes that even the non artist can apply the simple and easy painting techniques she has developed over the years to create fabulous designer wearables and souvenirs. With her brand of artistry, persons interested in handbag design and production, painting, accessorizing or embellishing products can enhance their line with just a few simple applications.

Interview with Teri Bethel

Quick and Easy Fabric Painting Techniques

Teri has now created a video course that can teach you the exact step-by-step system for painting amazing abstract and floral designs. These fabric painting techniques will help you to create designs that can be applied to just about any surface. You do not have to have any painting or drawing experience to follow this course, and very soon you can begin designing with your own signature painted or printed designs to produce truly unique items on a variety of fabrics.

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