Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Complete Bead Guide

"The Complete Bead Guide" is not like any other book about beading you've ever read. The reason for this, is that a simple web page was set up and people who visited it were asked to leave their biggest question about beads.

The author then answered them all!

This means that there's no "fluff" in the book. Just the real answers you want to know about beads and beading.

You'll discover all types of exciting tips and information about beads. From their history and origin ... to what supplies you'll need for your projects. From how to source beads (easily and inexpensively) ... to the types of threads you should avoid!

What you'll discover in "The Complete Bead Guide":
  • How to quickly and easily identify various types of beads
  • How different beads are made and what processes are used to make them
  • Where to find bead sources near you no matter what country you live in
  • Which types of beads have protective or healing properties
  • Where to see the best beading trade shows in the country
  • Tips for choosing the right types of string, thread and wire
  • What types of devices to use for creating knots
  • Which needles are best for certain types of beadwork
  • Using beads in knitting and crocheting projects
  • Beading stitches and techniques
  • How to store and care for your beads
  • Where to find lots of free bead patterns - complete with instructions!
Includes a glossary of bead terms, reference lists and directories .. etc. For more info click here

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