Thursday, October 31, 2013

Knitting as a Hobby

Knitting is a great hobby for people of all ages and it's not just for women. Many men enjoy knitting as a hobby. Even teenage girls and boys are learning how to knit and having fun while doing it. The old idea of Granny sitting in her rocker is not the modern look of knitting.

One of the best things to do when someone wants to take up knitting as a hobby is to find a knitting group to join. They are usually free to join and it really is the best place to learn the details of how to knit, as well as ideas and pattern sharing.

Most libraries and community centers have groups or at least have information on where to find one. There are books and videos out there that are very informative and helpful, but being able to talk to a real person to ask questions and get tips and advice is invaluable when learning how to knit.

Once you learn how, it becomes second nature to you, but while you are learning, it is good to have someone to watch you and see how you are doing so they can help you become adept at it faster and easier.

Although most of the members in a knitting group are very willing to help a new person learn the art, most would prefer that you come to the group with at least a basic knowledge of how to knit.

The Internet has many free videos that show step by step instructions on all the different stitches. Also, finding a book or web site to teach you how to read a pattern and what all the abbreviations mean is a good thing to study before going to your first group meeting.

Once you learn how to knit, there are thousands of free or very inexpensive patterns on the internet. You just have to do a simple search and you'll find tons. Most patterns have a difficultly rating on them, so it makes it easy to pick ones that are on your level. It is recommended that people start with easy or beginner patterns and work their way up to the experienced patterns. That's just another thing joining a group is great for though, if you find yourself working a pattern that is too hard for you, you can bring it to the meeting and find some help.

Picking out yarn can be tricky if you don't know what you are looking for. Yarn comes in many different weights, textures and colors. Most patterns state not only the weight of yarn that was used but the brand, type and color as well. In most cases, with the exception of color, you should always follow the pattern recommendations or at the very least look for a yarn that has the same weight. Using a different weight or even a different textured yarn will give you a different end product and it might not be as pleasing. In some cases it just won’t work at all and you'll be left with a waste of money and time with nothing to show for it.

Knitting is a hobby that can be learned and enjoyed by anyone with a willingness and desire for it and once you learn you can have fun making all sorts of items for friends and family and even yourself. So happy knitting!

Mark Gregory is writing on behalf of Cocoon Knits, who are a Yarn Suppliers and provide Crochet yarns

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