Monday, December 02, 2013

Knitting Information for Beginners

Where To Start

The best place to start for a first project is by learning to knit a simple hat. Why a hat? well there is a lot to learn by carrying out this project. Starting with how to read a pattern. Knitting patterns tend to be written with a lot of abbreviations and if they are not fully understood can result in total frustration and the production of an item that is useless.

Sometimes you may find that you need to start several times before getting the hang of the processes involved. Once this obstacle has been overcome the basic methods of casting on stitches can be carried out. This part can be a problem sometimes for new knitters' as there is a tendency to either hold the wool too tightly or too loose. This affects the tension, shape and size of the item.

One recommendation is that while learning to knit you have a knitted garment from your closet nearby so that you can feel the texture of the stitches. This will keep you on track of knowing when your tensions are correct.

Please do not get disheartened as with practice this problem can soon be rectified. The secret is to persevere and not give up. As the saying goes, "if at first you don't succeed try, try again". Learning to knit is actually good for your health as the clicking of the needles and the actual process of knitting can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and make you feel relaxed. Plus there is the added bonus of euphoria when you have completed a project and it has come out just right. It is also exciting to be able to flaunt your new skills in front of family and friends.

The Making of the Hat

Once the required number of stitches have been applied to one needle the actual fun part of knitting can commence. This is the part that you have been waiting for, learning how to knit and purl, which are the first basic stitches in knitting. As mentioned earlier there is a lot to learn with creating a simple woolly hat. Progressing through this project teaches you how to shape the edges as you get to the peak because hats are not tubes that sit on top of the head.

This process demonstrates one method of casting off stitches at both ends of a piece of work and can be quite tricky at first. Another method of casting off stitches is then carried out in order to complete the item.

Finally, in order to finish the item the edges need to be brought together and sewn. This brings in another learning curb of using certain sewing skills to form the seam.

So, as you can see, the learning process involved in creating a hat is more intricate than first thought. It is definitely a good place to start when wanting to learn this new skill as it uses all the basic methods required in knitting. Have fun and enjoy crafting after all this is what knitting is all about.

To actually get started on this project click the link below. There you will have access to the kit, on-line video's, a discussion section and much more. It is important when learning to knit that you can see how to hold the needles and wool plus how the stitches are created.

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