Monday, December 09, 2013

Removing Stubborn Furniture Marks From Your Carpet: Quick Guide

Have you ever moved to a new apartment before? Have you ever wanted to shift your furniture around in your room but thought better of it once you saw the nasty little furniture marks in the carpet?

Those things are definitely an eye-sore and what I am going to offer you today in this fast and easy tutorial is pure freedom - liberation from being a slave to the marks in your carpet. No longer are you going to let those furniture marks left by old chairs or couches or even beds determine where your furniture should go! You are soon going to have complete freedom of choice in your space as we will be returning the carpets appearance to normal in just a few hours - even carpet with years-old ingrained carpet marks. Ready to get started? Awesome!

So the first thing we want to do is get a buck of ice cubes. "Ice cubes from the freezer?" you may be asking... yep, those are the ones! Take your ice cubes, and set one cube for each 2-3 inches of carpet disformation - for instance - a mark in your carpet from the leg of a table will probably require only one ice cube. A lamp base mark will require 3-4 ice cubes - you get the idea.

Once you have all of the ice cubes placed on the carpet strategically where the furniture marks are at, let the cubes melt naturally on the floor, right on the carpet, for about 2.5 hours. This probably isn't enough time to let the cube melt completely. That is OK. Just leave the cubes to sit there for 2.5 hours, them come pick up what is left of the cubes and put them in the sink.

The next step is to 'fluff up' the water soaked carpet spots. Using your hand or a clean brush, go over the carpet until it starts standing up again. Yes, the carpet is still wet, but don't worry, we will be taking care of that shortly. Fluff up the wet carpet as best you can until it starts standing up properly again.

The next step is to grab a cotton towel and get it moist-damp with some water. This towel is going to act as a protective barrier on the next step which is going to be 'steaming' the carpet. Get your iron, set it on 'high' and place the damp towel over the ice cube wetted carpet marks are at. Place the towel over them, and once your iron is fully heated, press down through the damp towel and onto the carpet marks with your iron. Make sure to never touch the iron directly to the carpet or it will get burned and ruined. That is what the damp towel barrier is for, to protect your carpet. Repeat this procedure 4-5 times, and in between each treatment, lift the towel off the mark, and 'fluff' it a bit to lift the carpet more and more each time returning the carpet closer to its original state.

Once you are completed with that step, the carpet will be very close to being back to normal, except that it will still be 'wet'. Grab a fan, and do your best to speed dry the wet carpet so that mold and mildew don't form. Wala! Perfectly natural looking carpets again with no nasty furniture marks!

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