Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Use Beads in Your Craft Projects

Use beads in your craft projectsCraft projects can vary according to the materials you're using and what you intend to make. The beauty of using beads in your craft projects are they are easy to work with, and there is an extensive range of colors, sizes and materials they can be made from, to fit in with any craft project you have in mind.

Beads can be used on their own to make beautiful pieces of crafted jewelry, bookmarks, belts etc or you can use them in combination with other materials to embellish the items. Creating items with beads or bead embellishments can be as simple or as difficult as you like, some will require you to have a step by step guide whilst other projects you can just use your creative know how.

By taking a plain material handbag or shopping bag you can frost it with some beads and transform it instantly into a glitzy bag. To apply the beads to the bag or any fabric you can use fabric glue to stick the beads in place or alternatively you can sew them by hand.

Although gluing down beads to fabric seems like the easiest option, you'll find over time the beads will come unstuck from use or when you wash the item. Hand sewing is the best option to fix beads in place because it's more durable, and it will be a lot easier to wash the hand bag or item you have in mind.

Using both bead adhering techniques will give you the flexibility to use them in different projects without compromising the quality. Beads are so much fun to work with even children enjoy crafting with them. Sometimes using beads instead of color pencils or paint can help to improve their creativity and hand co-ordination.

Children enjoy crafting projects with beads as they can make beautiful bead posters by simply gluing down the beads. Giving them smaller beads for a craft project will help improve their hand and eye co-ordination and encourage their creativity.

Adults and children can create amazing craft projects using a range of beads, perhaps patterns or they can use their own ideas to make every bead creation look unique. Just keep an open mind and let your creativity flow.

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Article Source: Use Beads in Your Craft Projects

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