Saturday, August 23, 2014

Inspired Designs for Painting on Fabric

Inspired Designs for Painting on FabricThe fact of the matter is not all artists have the complete look in mind when they set out to create their beautiful designs for painting on fabric. In many instances the art just grows and develops. You may know the basic colors you wish to use, but a true artist is not held down by that either. One's thoughts must be open and creativity should be allowed to flow when painting fabrics.

An artist who is hard and fast on a certain design usually limits their creativity immensely and will soon find themselves feeling frustrated; as though they've hit a wall. Some of the most brilliant works of art were spun out of massive mistakes. That's one of the reasons I don't believe that we can really make a mistake in art. There is always something you can do to enhance, transform or minimize what you have done.

Art is often a reflection of what you feel on the inside. If you approach your work after a wonderful day of swimming and doing the things you just love to do your art will take on a more upbeat, positive form. Approaching it after a heated argument or experiencing a tragedy can produce a totally different outcome.

Your creativity is generally an expression of what is on the inside. Even that can change from day-to-day depending on your environment. So in contemplating your designs for painting on fabric consider what you would like to see in a general sense. If it is floral and spring time colors, then visit a flower shop or take a walk in the pasture. Maybe it's easier to go online and do a search on flowers and floral scenes.

Whatever you wish to create, do your homework; absorb the beauty and the elements of what you wish to convey. Research what colors your object may come in and how you may wish to present them. Realism is not the only way to design, perhaps abstract is a better approach for what you have in mind.

With all the research under your belt just go for it. You may be inspired to create something totally different from what you had in mind midway through the design but guess what, there's no law against that.

Teri M. Bethel specializes in creating painted fabrics for designers as well as teaching do-it-yourselfers how to paint fabrics with texture. Teri has been involved in manufacturing painted garments, handbags and fashion accessories for over two decades. She is the designer of Teri Monique Handbags, a line of custom made art purses for ladies.

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