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Chainmaille Jewelry is Easy to Make

Chainmaille Jewelry is Easy to MakeThe thing about chainmaille jewelry is that they are simple to make and fairly easy to design. The internet is jam packed with various chainmaille instructions that will enable you to design and make your own chainmaille jewelry. However many of the chainmaille designs and tutorials found online are fairly brief and don't really go into the depth you require to get down and start making your own chainmaille rings, bracelets or chains.

If you are new to the world of chainmaille jewelry making, it would be a good an economical idea to buy premade rings. However once you become experienced in the art of chainmaille, and your home based businesses kicks off, you can then start buying wire and winding the rings yourself. Premade rings save you time, and are cheaper in the long run, if you take into consideration the time it takes to wind rings. Winding your own rings will give you a sense of satisfaction; you can refer to the various chainmaille tutorials that will teach you how to wind your own rings.

Chainmaille doesn't require that you have a special set of tools. Just a set of good pliers would suffice. Some people prefer to use a set of Linesman pliers, other go for fancy pliers. The pliers you use, would primarily depend upon the metal you are using. A good chainmaille book will usually describe the type of pliers you should use for each type of material you need to cut.

The first few projects that you work on should focus on you learning the basic types of weaves. The thing of most importance is to know how to make a good and consistent set of closures. Start with small, yet easy stuff such as bracelets. It is imperative that you follow a good step by step chainmaille tutorial that guides you from the basics to the more advanced chainmaille weaves.

You wouldn't want to initially solder your rings shut, but as you progress you would need to use solder so that the rings dong fall out. Starting out chainmaille is fun and the right book will guide you in the right and fun direction, as well as give your creative ability the wings you need to fly!

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