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Simple Craft Ideas - Hand Made Jewellery

Simple Craft Ideas - Hand Made JewelleryIf you prefer to give a more personal gift than something you can buy in a store, you may have considered making gifts yourself. Anyone with a spark of creativity can do this but if you're struggling to think of something to make here are some simple craft ideas for hand made jewellery.

Jewellery is always a favourite with girls and ladies of any age and something unique and hand made is a really special present. Beaded jewellery is probably the easiest place to start for the complete novice as you can buy packets of beads or kits to assemble.

From there, you can graduate to wire jewellery which is reasonably simple; all you need is jewellery wire, pliers and wire cutters. With wire you can have fun with square or circular symmetrical patterns or even braiding. Necklaces, pendants, bangles, earrings and rings can all be created by bending or weaving precious (gold filled or silver) wire into patterns of your choice. Precious or semi precious stones can be incorporated too.

The most simple craft ideas are often the most effective so flowers and living creatures are always popular.

Using just silk, felt backing material and ribbon with some small beads or pearls for the stamen you can make beautiful flower necklaces, headbands or even rings. Use bold colours like purple or red for poppy necklaces and paler pastel colours for daisy like flowers.

Butterflies, dragonflies, cats, dogs, horses, birds or indeed any creature at all can be created with wire or beads.

Swarovski crystals make beautiful centrepieces for rings or pendants or as eyes for animals or birds and can be ordered online as can all the other materials and tools you could ever need to make jewellery.

Cold enamelling is another technique for making jewellery. You will need a base for the pendant or ring to contain the epoxy resin; this is known as a finding in the trade. You will also need acetone to clean the finding, epoxy resin and its colorant.

If you're concerned that you don't have the skill or technical know how for these simple craft ideas, don't worry. There are lots of online tutorials at very reasonable prices (I found some for as little as $6) which will take you step by step through either learning a technique or learning how to make a specific piece. Naturally, once you've paid your money, you can watch again and again until you master the art.

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