Friday, February 20, 2015

Arts and Crafts Idea

Crafters are able to come up with arts and crafts ideas from items that many people might consider junk! Arts and crafts ideas can be found in baby food jars, paper bags, shoe boxes, cds, and egg cartons among other items easily found around the home. When you come up with arts and crafts ideas from things you have in your home, you save money on having to purchase supplies from the craft store, and you are helping the environment by recycling.

Shoe boxes are the culprits of many arts and crafts ideas! You can create dioramas, doll houses, and box guitars. The arts and crafts ideas using shoe boxes are virtually endless- limited only by your imagination. You can also use shoe boxes for more traditional means, and create decorative storage boxes for your favorite things, momentos or other objects.

CD's are also great items to encourage arts and crafts ideas. They are perfectly round, and give off a wonderful shine when light hits them. The little hole in the center is perfect for stringing twine or chain through, in order to create hanging arts and crafts. Ideas include Christmas ornaments, candle holders, dreamcatchers, photo frames, clocks and magnets. Start with a CD you don't need (like the ones you get in the mail from advertisers, or a CD that has too many scratches to work properly) and see just how many arts and crafts ideas the little shiny circle can generate!

Clear thirty five millimeter film canisters can cause many arts and crafts ideas. With a little mirrored paper board (available at a craft store), plastic wrap and cake sprinkles you can make a miniature kaleidoscope. Drill a small hole in the bottom of the film canister. Fold the mirrored paper board into a triangle shape that will fit inside the canister, and tape it inside. Place several cake sprinkles in the lid of the canister and cover with a piece of plastic wrap, taped into place. Pop the cap back onto the canister. When you look through the hole at the bottom of the canister and turn the film canister in your hand, the sprinkles will create shapes against the mirrored kaleidoscope. How is that for unique arts and crafts ideas!

Arts and crafts ideas can come from anywhere. You can recycle your empty jelly jars and make beach scenes in a jar, a time capsule, or a candle holder.

Common household items often invoke many arts and crafts ideas. Just think outside the box, and you might surprise yourself with how many arts and crafts ideas you come up with!

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