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Inexpensive Spring Crafts

Inexpensive Spring Crafts
Those who enjoy making crafts often like the craft making process so much because they have the satisfaction of being able to make something unique without having to spend a lot of money. Most, if not all crafts, can be made less expensively than if you were to buy a similar craft that was manufactured by some business. Many avid crafters find enjoyment in all of the money that they save by collecting raw materials and creating crafts themselves. There are millions and millions of inexpensive craft ideas and chances are that you have a few of those ideas in your head right now. Put that imagination of yours to good use and start thinking of an inexpensive spring craft that you can make today!

Melting Snowman

One of the signs that spring is here is the obvious change in the weather. The snow melts and the weather gets warmer. Why not make a craft that plays off of this idea of changing seasons, by making a melting snowman. Making a melting snowman is easy. All that you need are some small twigs, a black marker, glue, white paper and a couple of cotton balls. Take two cotton balls and gently stretch them so that they are a little bit more flat. Glue the two cotton balls in top of one another. For the base, cut out a piece of paper in a random circular pattern (it should look like melted snow). Glue on the base.

Decorate the melting figure as you would a traditional snowman. On the top cotton ball, give the melting snowman eyes and a mouth by using your black marker. Break the twig down into two small arms and glue those in place. Display your melting snowman in the window or wherever else you feel he will be most appreciated.

Foil Family

Spring time is also a time when you start thinking about how you can entertain kids who may be itching to go outside but are forced indoors on a rainy day. Taking household materials, like tin foil, and using them to make something new and unexpected is an inexpensive way to celebrate spring. Making foil people is easy. Simply use the foil to form the various parts of the body and then assemble your fold people together, or you can use a sequence of different layers to gradually build your foil people from the inside out. Be creative with how you dress your foil people. You can also pose your foil people and have them act out a favorite scene. For example, you can have the football enthusiast in your family make a foil football player in a running position, clutching the football and running for the goal line. Use your imagination and the possibilities are endless.

Paper Dolls

If you have a pair of scissors, some colored paper and some markers, you can make paper dolls. Little girls love the traditional paper doll making crafts. All that you do to start is form the body of a little paper person and then trace out appropriately sized paper clothes that can then be used as clothing. To incorporate the boys in this craft, have the paper dolls wear costumes or sports gear. Maybe your child really likes dogs. In this case you can make a paper dog and make paper hats, a cape, and a suit for that paper dog. Do not feel limited to making only a little girl's doll, you can use paper to create virtually any thing! Hopefully these simple and inexpensive craft ideas have given you some things to think about and you can now be more confident that no matter what your budget is, there is a spring craft waiting to be made.

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