Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How to Find Craft Shows That Are Ideal For You

How to Find Craft Shows That Are Ideal For You
If you want to start selling your craft items at local craft fairs, it's a good idea to find out which shows are a good fit for you.

To find fairs in your neighbourhood area that will be a good fit for your particular craft items, you might start with shows you've attended as a shopper, ones that are within an hour or so of your home and shows where other vendors have exhibited.

You won' t always know if the show has the same values as you until you check it out for yourself, so taking the word of other vendors may not always be the best way to go, but if you've known the vendor a while and you trust their judgement, the shows they speak highly of may actually be the first places to investigate.

If you're a member of a craft guild or organization or subscribe to a trade journal, you may be able to get hold of show suggestions there. Numerous websites contain lists of local and national shows with their respective contact information.

You should also visit some of the craft forums where you can ask other crafters for some consensus on the best shows.

When you visit the websites to get more background, watch for FAQ areas where the craft fair lists useful information that vendors should know.

If there isn't a website and you call the promoter or organizer instead, have the following questions nearby:

* How many booth or table spaces are available?

* How are the spaces assigned?

* What kinds of crafts are allowed?

* Is electricity available?

* If so, is there an additional charge for it?

* Will tables and chairs be provided?

* What was the previous show's attendance?

* What is the expected attendance for the upcoming event?

* What kinds of people does the show seem to attract?

* What kind of promotion is done before the show?

* Will vendors receive some promotional materials?

* Will the exhibit be juried?

* If so, what are the entry and jury fees?

* How quickly are applicants notified that they're accepted?

* What happens if it rains or snows?

A qualified host should have this information or should be able to get back to you with it in a relatively short period of time.

The best organizers are selective about who they allow at their shows based on unique, original quality products and appealing displays. Good hosts also want a evenly matched number of classifications of crafts.

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