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Metal Work in Jewellery Making? No - Just Bead It!

Metal Work in Jewellery Making? No - Just Bead It!
While working with beads is an easy and enjoyable hobby that anyone can get into, some get frustrated with the same pieces all day.

Beading takes time, and patience to make something truly beautiful, and oftentimes, you might find yourself frustrated and wanting to try something else.

Jewellery makers who have been at this a long time have advanced from working with beads to working with metal, and you might find yourself tempted to try it. However, metal working is time-consuming, costly, and can end in disaster very easily.

If you find yourself bored with your usual beading fare, why not try something new-new beads, or new patterns?

There are always more beads to use when crafting jewellery. Glass beads, the most common type of bead used in jewellery making, have several different types and styles alone, from the sparkly lead crystal, to the elegant lampworked beads, or the simple cut and pressed style. If you are bored with glass beads, there are still many others you haven't tried.

Instead of the usual seed bead, you could try Japanese beads, which are more uniform in size and shape, and have larger holes for easier beading. Czech beads are similar to Japanese beads, but come in more doughnut-sized shapes. They are more ideal for bead embroidery rather than jewellery however. Delica beads are larger, with a smoother finish than seed beads, however, they are more expensive, and are best saved for special projects.

Bugle beads are fun if you are planning on making something requiring a fringe. Sometimes the edges can be sharp and can cut the thread if it is thin, making it more of a challenge. They can be found in a multitude of colors, twists, and finishes, making it easy to find some that match up to the color and theme of your project.

You can find shaped beads in almost any color, size, and material-using beads in shapes like stars, hexagons, triangles, or etched shapes can add a bit of flair to any piece of jewellery you are making. Shaped beads are best used sparingly, in between plain beads, in order to give off the best look.

If you want to add a bit of elegance and sparkle to your jewellery, a faceted bead is your best bet. Many faceted beads are made from glass or stones, making them look like precious gemstones. They are most often used as accents to jewellery, and are generally quite small.

At the highest end of artsy beads are dichroic beads, which are made of glass with colored metal fused to the outside, allowing them to shine in different colors depending upon the angle of the viewer. Because they are so expensive, it is best not to buy too many, and to save them for a special project.

With different beads in hand, it's time to find a new project. The best place to look for more bead designs is on the internet-several bead enthusiasts put up newer designs and ideas quite frequently. So instead of being bored with your current jewellery, get online, buy some new beads, and then find an exciting new design to get working on!

Metal work can be time consuming and very expensive and this article details why you should stick with bead projects. Learn more about beads from Cooksongold.

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