Sunday, January 18, 2015

Simple Jewelry Making Techniques

Simple Jewelry Making TechniquesThere are tons of sorts of jewelry making and it's definitely becoming very hot, and here we present some simple jewelry making techniques.

Threading beads onto yarn or wire is the most general sort of jewelry making, though the employment of cotton and more complex wire knitting and weaving is beginning to become a favourite hobby.

The kind of designs you can create is all down to your imagination and it's best to start off with something simple and practice simple techniques first before tackling a piece that is more complex.

Visit some bead shops or craft shops and research the expenses and the sort of tools you want to start.

There might be local groups you might join or maybe classes, some craft shops have workshops where you can go and learn some simple techniques to get you moving.

Find out about the sort of wires available, there are various gauges twenty gauge is perhaps the most used, but 18-22 gauge is also good. It is important to recollect the weight of your beads, the wire must be powerful enough to support them. Get some practice wire and play with it, make loops and practice using your pliers.

There are many sorts of wire and its necessary to select the right one for your project twisted wire though you can learn how to twist it yourself; coloured plastic wire, square wire this is something else to use when making earrings and also coloured metal wire.

These are all reasonably simple jewelry making techniques. To learn some basic jewelry making techniques is to first practice some wire-bending talents and basic links and remember have patience! Jump rings are used to joint short links and the tip here is to open the wire from side to side, don't pull it straight apart as this may weaken the wire.

Bead loop links are used to switch patterns make a loop at one end of the wire, put on the quantity of beads you need (one or two), then make another loop against the bead, trim any additional wire and ensure you tighten the openings in the loops after you have attached the links. Twisted wire loop/bead links is a simple alternative of the loop/bead link.

Bend one end of the wire at a ninety degree angle with chain nose pliers, then with round nose pliers take the wire near to the bend and wrap the wire round the jaw of the pliers. Remove and put them within the loop and with the other hand wrap the wire at right angles at the base of the loop a couple of times.

Put on one or more beads and do the same at the other end. Cut any additional wire and stick to links with a jump ring or put the loop of a joining link onto a new loop. When you know the simple jewelry making techniques it will not be long before you are making some lovely pieces.

You'll find you'll get so much delight from making jewelry, as the opportunities are limitless and there are such a lot of varieties and colours of beads your eyes will light up like Christmas trees when hunting for beads for your jewelry pieces.

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